Artists constantly look at the world around them and imagine possibilities – just like futurists do.

Cause artists, cause athletes, spiritual activists, social entrepreneurs, and impact investors are often misfits. Call them purpose-driven leaders with a True North Star.

Cause artists and athletesare misfits who genuinely care for the greater good. They use their talents, skills, and network to change the world.

Their weapons of mass affection? They can mobilize billions of fansto become a force of good.

Flip the Funnel: Own your Media Channels, IP, and Fan Relationships

We see Big Tech players squeezing artists like lemons. Recording artists often struggle withonly 12-15% of their total income.

Walled gardens like Spotify and Apple take 30% of artist’s revenues. Or Zuckerberg, whowill grab a staggering 47.5% in his metaverse called Meta.

Artists are moving beyond ‘fans on lease’: social media players that squeeze their organic fan reach to 1-2%, unless they payFacebook.

Artists now use their social media channels to pull their fans into their own, uncensored media channels, communities, and CRM databases.

Most important tips? Own yourIP. Own your media channels. Own your fan relationships.

Don’t build your house on lease ground. Should I say Elon Musk and Twitter?

Artists Accelerating with Blockchain,NFT, and Social Tokens

Artists are usingBlockchainfor smart and transparent contracting. Artist Beeple sold his firstart collection for $69 million with NFT. Can you imagine NFT to do good?

Crypto, NFT, and soon social tokens enable artists to reimagine their fan relations and value chain. Today, fans can move beyond owning i.e. Nike stock and finally own a tiny piece of their favorite artist.

Can you imagine? Fans owning a tiny stake in Cristiano Ronaldo or Black Coffee?

Cause Artists and Charitable DJs in Dance Music

Modern DJs – with huge numbers of fans – are giving back. Hardwell has his foundation. Carl Cox, Seth Troxler, and David Guetta are raising awareness for socio-economic gaps and building global communities through music and culture.

DJs have shared their streaming royalties with NGOsor asked their fans to help crowdfund a social enterprise.Cause artists can also auction a unique piece of their content. Certified, licensed,and valued in real-time.‘

Inspiring Cause Athletes and Social Entrepreneurs

Get inspired by cause athlete Serena Williams. She backs 60 social enterprises andshe raised $111 million in her fund Serena Ventures. 

How about Novak Djokovic? His Novak Foundation helps kids with educationand entrepreneurship.

Remember Boyan Slat –founder of The Ocean Cleanup? He crowdfunded and raised venture capital to make our oceans plastic-free by 2040.

Can you imagine? If we would find and fund 9 more people like Boyan? Our oceans could be plastic-free by 2030.

The real world is almost ahead of our science fiction

Artists are constantly looking at the world around them – imagining possibilities – just like futurists do.

Since this era is all about curiosity and imagination, you can watchsci-fi movies to strap a rocket to your mind.

Want to join the do good movement?

Find your cause or purpose – your True North Star. Next,connect to your inner Hardwell, Serena, Novak, or Boyan. Mobilize your fans to do good.

Igor Beuker is a futurist, speaker, social entrepreneur, and cause artist. In his newsroom, you can find more stories and talks. Join a misfit on a mission via his official site

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