The Future of the Elevator Industry in the UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Youssef Semaan, a well-known figure in the construction industry in the United Arab Emirates, has…

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تأجير السيارات في دبي: دليل لاستكشاف المدينة على العجلات

دبي هي واحدة من أشهر الوجهات السياحية في العالم، حيث تجذب الملايين من الزوار كل عام. تشتهر المدينة بعمارتها الرائعة،…

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Finally Hussam Khaddour Travels from California to Dubai: Unfold Story

As a professional Personal Trainer, Hussam khaddour has honed his skills through years of practice and a deep understanding of…

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The United Arab Emirates demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility and a heightened sense of urgency in its role as host of COP28, according to Al Jaber.

Dr Sultan Al Jaber, the UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, UAE Special Envoy for Climate Change, and the…

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A new law in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) imposes fines of up to 100,000 Dirhams for health professionals who practice without a valid license.

A new federal law in the UAE states that anyone found practicing healthcare without a license can be fined up…

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UAE to ban single-use plastic shopping bags starting in 2024

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The United Arab Emirates on Tuesday announced a ban on single-use plastic shopping bags…

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