Finally Hussam Khaddour Travels from California to Dubai: Unfold Story

As a professional Personal Trainer, Hussam khaddour has honed his skills through years of practice and a deep understanding of fitness. His passion for sports led him to become a professional soccer player, and also gain experience in Mui Thai, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. He holds certifications from the International Sports Science Association, including Coach, Personal Training Accreditation, and Nutritionist Certification. These diverse training experiences have equipped him with the necessary skills to excel as a personal trainer.

His Unfold story

Hussam recently relocated to Dubai to compete for a pro card. While he misses California, he acknowledges that Dubai is a wonderful city with a diverse social scene. He also mentions that being close to his family, whom he hadn’t seen in over 7 years, was a big factor in his decision to move. Unfortunately, his father passed away before he had the chance to see him or introduce him to his family. The decision to move abroad was difficult for Hussam and his family, particularly because it was motivated by his father’s illness.

He said, “Life can be challenging at times, but that’s just how it is. When I decided to move to Dubai, I couldn’t find any compelling reasons to stay in California. The lifestyle in California is different from what I was used to in the Middle East and everything felt difficult and uncertain. It was like trying to navigate a dense forest with no help or guidance. California is a beautiful state with great weather, but ultimately it wasn’t enough to make me want to stay there permanently.”

I am currently in Dubai with many plans in mind. My goal is to earn my pro card, no matter my age. The important thing is to reach that goal and then find a new one. Dubai is an amazing place to live with a positive atmosphere that makes people want to stay. The gyms here are particularly great with a good vibe and supportive community, which is essential for success in this sport.

My worst experience living in California was feeling like I couldn’t do anything. If there was a more active social life there, I may not have considered moving to Dubai. Life is never perfect but only Allah. You can find places that align with your interests and help you navigate the challenges that arise. Dubai has offered me many opportunities to pursue my passions.

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