A new law in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) imposes fines of up to 100,000 Dirhams for health professionals who practice without a valid license.

A new federal law in the UAE states that anyone found practicing healthcare without a license can be fined up to Dh100,000. The Federal National Council has approved draft laws on the regulation of certain healthcare professions in the country and amending existing laws on private health facilities.

The law stipulates that those who provide healthcare services without obtaining a proper license or who do not meet the conditions to receive one will face penalties such as fines between Dh50,000 and Dh100,000, imprisonment or both. The law also applies to those who falsify documents or engage in illegal practices.

Additionally, facilities where illegal healthcare services are being provided will be closed. The two draft laws were passed unanimously by the Federal National Council in the presence of the Minister of Health and Prevention and Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Owais.

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